At TOSO, we see efforts to realize a low carbon society as a top priority. Stipulating efforts for global environmental protection as one of our management principles, we were the first manufacturer in the curtain rail industry to obtain ISO 14001 certification. We proactively develop products that enhance the insulation performance of window openings to help reduce the energy consumed by buildings. We take active steps to reduce environmental impact of our production processes, and we take active part in tree planting and various other social contribution programs. We consider environmental protection issues in all corporate operations to help realize a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society, thus leading to the establishment of a sustainable society.

<TOSO Group Environmental policy>
We regard coexistence with the global environment as the top priority for all humanity. All our activities take the environment into account.

1. We abide by laws, regulations, treaties and other rules pertaining to the environment and strive to prevent pollution and protect the environment.

2. Considering the environmental impact of our business operations, we focus on the four areas below, striving to minimize the impact on the environment.
(1) Reducing waste by increasing recycling and improving inventory management
(2) Countering global warming by enhancing the efficiency of our operations and improving energy use management
(3) Reducing use of paper to help conserve forests
(4) Reducing use of chemicals while expanding use of raw materials with lower environmental impact and greater safety

3. We apply a single-minded effort to develop products that reduce the energy consumed by buildings.

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations

At our main factories (Tsukuba factory and Mitsukaido factory), we keep abreast of all applicable laws and regulations and continually check to ensure compliance. In 2010, we were entirely free of administrative penalties and legal action related to violations of such laws and regulations.
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