We can create elegant living areas from a variety of architectural spaces.
Much is demanded of the architectural space of hotels, which serve the dual roles of public facility and private refuge. The presentation of windows is essential in the creation of spaces that charm people and make them feel at home. TOSO offers a full lineup of functional, decorative products, providing plans for the creation of pleasant windows in the architectural spaces of a new age.

Entrance lobby

Guest room (suite)

Guest room

Guest room

Guest room (bath room)


Recommended Products
Category Recommended Products
Curtain Tracks New Delac
Motorized Curtain Tracks Progress 50, Powerful + New Delac, Powerful + CM2000,
Powerful + Supertrac, Powerful + Theatrac
Roller Blinds Mytec
Motorized Roller Blinds ATF35RB, ATF45RB
Roman Shades Creaty
Motorized Roman Shades ATF35RS, ATF45RS, Super Liberta
Venetian Blinds Design Blind (Wood/Leather Taste/Fabric Blinds)
Pleated Blinds Shiori 25
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