Our interior products and services help create appealing interiors.
Over the 70 years since our founding in 1949, we’ve supplied curtain tracks, blinds, and other interior products and services based on an approach that focuses on promoting awareness of and offering ideas for comforting interiors.

Thanks to the trust you’ve placed in us over so many years, we continue to hold the leading domestic market share for curtain tracks.

The environment surrounding companies is currently undergoing significant changes such as advancing globalization, aging populations, and rapid progress in ICT, and the lifestyles of individuals are expected to continue to diversify.

In response, we’ve renewed our commitment to our cornerstones—superb design and technologies that deliver the highest quality—while continuing to offer new value through products that emphasize safety, usability, and installability. We also plan to adopt an increasingly global perspective as we promote our offerings in growing markets.

Companies today are supposed to play a vital role in the pursuit of sustainable development and as significant members of society. Building on this understanding, we plan to focus heightened attention not just on compliance issues and environmental protection, but to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.

We hope to count on your warm support.
Keiji Maekawa, President
Keiji Maekawa, President
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