Unique Features

End Cap R

Folded curtains settle into the End Cap R, making for
a wider space when curtains are opened.

End Cap R offers better light-blocking and energy efficiency. It also eliminates the need for Return Aids.

*Pitch Keep Chains are included to ensure curtains fold neatly on both sides. Use of Pitch Keep Chains (75 mm/3.0″) is optional.
*Magnet Carriers cannot be pass the rail in End Cap R.

The curtain width = Rail length + the rail in End Cap R

End Cap M

Attach a Return Aids for End Stop on the cap to close the curtains more swiftly and easily, and avoid entering in the outside light from the side.

End Cap B

Stops light from leaking in from the side of the wall.

End Cap A and End Cap M

The metal parts of the End Cap A or M are detachable, as needed for the installation location.
*Detach with a screwdriver.

Curtain Stopper (Option)

Keeps the curtain in place when drawn open.

Curtain Stopper

Side Magnet Carrier (Option)

The Side Magnet Carrier lets you draw in the curtains from either end of the rail. Bundled curtains on the sides stay clear of windows when they open and close.

Side Magnet Carrier

Cover Top (Option)

Installing the Cover Top stops air flow and external light from above curtains and helps to lower heating and cooling bills.
Cover Tops are installed by simply securing Fixing Clips to brackets.
Cover Top can be used on existing Legato Square, so that can be a part of remodeling plans.
Covers come in either light brown, dark brown or white. Installing a Cover Top greatly reduces the amount of external light leaking in over the top and from around the sides of curtains.
*Cover Top lengths must be measured to leave 5 mm (.20″) of space on the left and right sides to accommodate the left and right caps.
*Cover Top does not block all external light.

Legato Square won the Good Design Award 2011 which Japan Institute of Design Promotion sponsors.

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