Unique Features

Feature 1: A built-in FM Remote-Control Receiver

The new motor utilises a built-in FM receiver for control.

Feature 2: Quiet operation with a new motor and new rollers

The new motor and rollers provide ultra-quite operation.

Feature 3: Can be curved into a variety of shapes

L-shaped, U-shaped, S-shaped and gradual curves.

Feature 4: Hand-draw operation as well as motor operation

A built-in mechanical clutch allows the drapery to be drawn by hand smoothly.

Feature 5: Highly durable belt drive transmission system

The belt drive transmission system is highly durable.

Feature 6: “Slow start” and “slow stop” functions

These functions enable the smooth start and stop of drapery operation.

Feature 7: Touch motion function

The touch motion function can perform opening/closing of curtains without using any switch.
If curtain is drawn, it will begin to move in the direction itself, and will stop at the place on limit setup.

Feature 8: Dry and Wet contact

Ti-8040 can be operated by dry (no-voltage) and wet (high voltage) contact.

Product Overall View and Names of Parts


No. Product Name Color Materials/Specifications
End Side Pulley White Molded plastic
Ceiling Single Bracket M White Steel
Rail White Aluminum
Motor Side Pulley White Molded plastic
Stop Silver Steel
Noiseless Roller Natural Molded plastic
Pilot Roller Set Silver Steel, Molded plastic
Motor White Aluminum, molded plastic (case)
Electric Cord with the ground White Wire (1 m/39″)
Drive Belt Green 3-layer structure of steel wires, plastic and fiber
Antenna White Wire

Rail Cross Section

Installation Dimensions

Parts Size

Pilot Roller with Arm

Ceiling Single Bracket M

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