Structure Drawing

No. Product Name Materials/Specifications Color
Head Rail Aluminum White
Bracket Steel Silver
Side Cover Molded resin White
Lift Tape Chemical fiber White
RS Tape Ring N Molded resin Clear
Weight Bar Steel (within 4000 mm/158") White
Power Supply VCTF 0.75° X 3C (1 m/39") White
Connecting Cord AWG 24 X 6C (0.3 m/12") with connector White

Motor Specifications

Power Source Voltage V AC100
Frequency Hz 50/60
Current Operation A 0.66
Standby A 0.05
Operation W 66
Standby W 5
Operating Voltage V DC 12
Operating Consumption mA 7
Temperature Range
˚C 0–50
(without condensation)
Rated RPM rpm 40±15%
Operating Time sec/m 10–15
Rated Running Time min 5

Note: AC100 V only.

Allowable Size

Style Product Width Product Height
Plain 1000–10000 mm (39–394") 1000–9000 mm (39–354")
Sharp (with Rods) 1000–8400 mm (39–331") 1000–6000 mm (39–236")
Balloon 1000–10000 mm (39–394") 1000–6000 mm (39–236")
Austrian 1000–7300 mm (39–287") 1000–5000 mm (39–197")
Widths greater than 4010 mm (158") require the use of joints.
Some width and height combinations may not be available.
The maximum area is 40 m2 (48 yd2).
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Maximum Screen Weight

15.0 kg (33 lb)

*Even if the desired dimensions are available, excess weight may make it impossible to provide the desired shade.

Product Weight

3.2 kg (7.1 lb)
(width: 2000 mm/79" without screen)

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