Unique Features

This compact design motorized roman shade offers a variety of uses:
from commercial to home.

A good choice for a wide range of home and commercial settings.

ATF35 tubular motor realizes quiet operation.

Structure Drawing

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Components and Materials

No. Components Material
Freel Head Cap Polyacetal resin
ATF35 Pipe End Polyacetal resin
Freel Head Rail Aluminum
RS Slide-in Velcro Polypropylene
ATF35 Roller Pipe Ø 50 Aluminum
ATF35 Drive Polyacetal resin
ATF35 Limit Crown Polyacetal resin
No. Components Material
ATF35 Tubular Motor -
Lift Cord Ø 1.2 Polyester fiber
RS Weight Bar 25 Steel
RS Weight Bar Cap 25 Polyethylene resin
ATF35-RS Recoiling Pulley Polyacetal resin
Freel Bracket Polyacetal resin
ATF35 End Side Bracket Stainless steel
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Motor Specifications

Power Source Voltage V AC220–230
Frequency Hz 50 /60
Current A 0.53
Power Consumption W 121
Rated Torque Nm 3
Rated RPM rpm 23.5/27
Rated Running Time min 4
Ambient Temperature °C –10–40

Allowable Size

Width 700–2000 mm (28–79")
Height 600–3000 mm (24–118")
Max Surface Area 7 m2 (8.4 yd2)
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Maximum Screen Weight

6.0 kg (13 lb)
(1.0 kg/2 lb or less per one Pulley)

Product Weight

5.2 kg (11 lb)
(width: 2000 mm/79" without screen)

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