SCREEN FUNCTION MARK LISTFlame retardantJapan Fire Protection AssociationFire and Disaster Management Agency registrant numberAFE-⑬-0251Name of Registered Confirmation AgencyUse of flame-proof products is mandatory for flame-proof and fire-proof objects (those specified by the Fire Defense Law). Be sure to use flame-proof products. The roll screen is a Toso’s flame retardant article (an article with flame retardant performance) registered with the Fire Defense Agency as a flame retardant indicator.※ Non-flame proof only for bathroom shading.WashableRemoving the screen and washing the screen easily in your home washing machine. After dehydrating, the product is finished cleanly when ironing.Flame retardant article markFlame retardant article label※ If the fabric is non-washable, use a scraper to remove dust. Wiping with water or condensation may cause stains.ShadingIt blocks sunlight and prevents glare. Suitable for sunrooms, strong rooms in the west sun, and windows in bedrooms.(Direct sunlight is prevented, but due to its structure, it cannot be completely shielded from light, so it is not suitable for dark rooms where photographs are developed, baked, etc.)SEK and antimicrobial processingSterilization is applied to control the growth of bacteria on fibers. This is a SEK Mark certified product that guarantees quality/safety.The SEK mark is a mark that is approved for products that meet the standards of the Textile Evaluation and Technology Council to guarantee the quality and safety of sterilization processing.AntimicrobialIt is shown to be a dough with antimicrobial function by suppressing the growth of bacteria on the fiber.AntifoulingSpecial surface treatment has made it resistant to dirt. The dirt once attached is also easy to remove and clean.BathroomScreen for bathrooms with excellent water resistance and impermeable from outside. The screen can be removed and washed in a washing machine.WideScreens that can handle a wide range. Available up to a maximum width of 2700 mm.※ The maximum width depends onthe screen.Items covered by the Green Purchase LawThis mark indicates products that meet the requirements of the Green Purchasing Law of the Interior Fabrics Industry Activation Council.Test specimens such as a light-shieldingfirst-class curtain are placed over the illumination panel in the dark room.The appearance of the overall light transmission, the presence or absence of light leakage, andthe amount are visually judged.It is classified according to the degree to whichlight is shielded.◆NIF Law (Patent No. 5437308)※ NIF is an abbreviation for the Japan Interior Fabrics Association.Shading Class 15-step Classification of Shading Class 1 NIF Method (Patent No. 5437308)Level at which human facial expressions cannot be identified99.99% or moreShading Class 2The level at which a person's face or expression is known 99.80% or more, less than 99.99%Shading Class 3Human facial expression is known, but it is dark for office work99.40% or more, less than 99.80%NotationLight shielding class 1(A++)Little light is felt from the fabric.A slight light is felt from the fabric.Light is felt from the fabric, but the texture and color of the fabric are unknown.Light is sensed from the fabric, and the texture and color of the fabric are also known.The whole fabric looks twilight, but it's darkness that people's facial expressions can't be distinguished.Light shielding class 1(A+)Light shielding class 1(A)Light shielding class 1(B)Light shielding class 1(C)StatusDegree of visibilitya. Washing method(with water)Liquid temperature shuld be limited to 30℃,and It is good in weak water flow setting of washing machines, or weak hand washing.d. Hanging methodDry in the shade is good.Iron is limited to 160℃, and it must be ironed from over the presser cloth at moderate temperatures(up to 140℃-160℃)e. Ironing methhodDry cleaning is impossible.f. Dry cleaningWet cleaning is impossible.g. Wet cleaningc. Drying methodTumble-dryer is not available after cleaning.b. Propriety ofchlorine bleachingImpossible to bleach with chlorine bleach.N19-2398Heat ShieldSpecial processing and materials were used for screens, louvers, slats, etc. to enhance the heat shielding effect.Formaldehyde-measure productsBased on the standards of the Interior Fabrics Performance Evaluation Council.FIF-certified ☆☆☆☆G-Mark AwardThis product received the Go.37

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