September, 2011

New range of products, Spacy Touch 25/35 (automatically lowered) and
Gradation Blind (variable-angle) are new released!!

A broad range of Venetian blind products featuring high performance and energy savings for offices and other buildings

New Venetian blind products of Spacy Touch 25/35 and Gradation Blind are released on October 2011 by TOSO Company, Ltd. These products featuring high performance and energy savings for offices and other buildings.

Spacy Touch 25/35 features slat-raising, slat-lowering, and slat-angle adjustments, as well as automatic lowering, all with a single operation cord. These features make it ideal for large, tall window installations. Gradation Blind is a remarkably energy-efficient blind system that makes optimal use of natural lighting, using daylight as indirect ceiling lighting to reduce energy consumption.

With slats measuring 50 mm wide, New Spacy 50 is designed for the large window spaces found in offices and similar buildings. These new products are designed to improve office work environments while boosting contract market sales.

New products Over View

1. Automatically lowered blind "Spacy Touch 25/35"
Spacy Touch have a automatically lowered system, to pull down the operation cord, blind will drop down automatically. These products reduce the labor required to lift and lower blinds in offices with numerous large, tall windows. There are two width slat, 25mm and 35mm.

←Spacy Touch 35 TB-085H(Photocatalytic heat shield series)

<Product features that meet needs of offices and other buildings>
○Smooth function/control
  • The operation cord requires minimal force to pull up the blind. it makes very smooth and right operation.
○Safety features
  • An automatic self-arresting feature stops the blind if the bottom rail strikes an obstruction while being lowered. The blind can then be lowered after the obstruction is cleared.
○Installation and maintenance features
  • A click-on bracket design with temporary fixing hooks ensures secure, easy installation.
  • Operating positions are easily switched from left or right to suit changes in office layouts.
Head Box Operation Cord Click on Bracket Easy to change the operation position

2. Variable-angle blind "Gradation Blind"

This blind system allows natural daylight to efficiently enter the room and helps to reduce the power required for lighting. The slat pitch for the inner and outer rudder cords differs by 0.2 mm. This means each slat is configured at a slightly different angle to reflect light toward the ceilings. The light reflected from the ceilings reaches areas far inside the room, helping to reduce the energy required for lighting. Measuring 25 mm in width, the slats are compatible with Intest power-operated blinds and New Spacy 25 and New Ceramy 25 manually-operated blinds.

Normal blind (image)→Virtually no light reflected to the ceiling.

Gradation Blind (image)→Most of the light reflected to the ceiling

☆A lighting system that incorporates natural daylight

Natural daylight is drawn into the office interior optimally.
Reflecting light onto the ceiling ensures even distribution of natural daylight to areas far inside the room.

Gradation Blind

Normal Blind

Opening slats to let in natural daylight increases interior brightness, but causes glare from windows and computer screens. The environment is not optimal for office workers.

Comparison of the brightness

Case of Gradation Blind   Case of Normal Blind
The product design makes it possible to direct natural daylight far into the room, as shown in the figure below, without creating unpleasant dazzle. All light from outside is indirect, even near the window.   Reducing window glare makes room interiors darker, often requiring the use of additional interior lighting.

☆High energy-saving effect
<Energy saving effect comparison list according to the direction>
※Use slats of Photocatalytic heat shield series or Heat shield series for even greater energy savings.

☆Eliminates reflections or glare from office equipment:
Indirect, diffused ceiling lighting eliminates glare from computer screens.

☆Automated control for significant energy savings:
The motorized type can be combined with an automatic control system (which automatically adjusts slat angles in response to the position of the sun) for even more energy savings than the manually-operated version. 

3. Added 50mm width slat! "New Spacy50"
New products include models with 50 mm in width slats (in addition to existing models with 25 mm and 35 mm widths). Models with slats measuring 50 mm wide offer advantages, including improved esthetic design when the slats are configured horizontally, and increased compactness when raised due to the reduced number of slats.
<available products>New Sapcy50, Intest ID 50, Intest Type3-50
<available color>3 colors(Pure White, Snow White, Right Beige)
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